„I lived to witness the day“

Mubarak ist weg, was bleiben sind Erinnerungen. Menschen, die für die Freiheit ihr Leben lassen. Ein Volk, das sich dem Tyrannen widersetzt, das die Verhältnisse auf den Kopf stellt.

Ahmed hat sich nach der Siegesnacht noch einmal die Zeit genommen, um uns in der Ferne an seinem Erlebten, seinen Gefühlen und eben seinen Erinnerungen teilhaben zu lassen.

Lest selbst, welche Bilder die letzten 18 Tage in seinem Kopf hinterlassen haben:

„I’m sitting in the same place where I was shot in the forehead by the „Cartouch“, and the same place where I heard for the first time that Hosny Mubarak has resigned.

Many feelings, so conflicted, come to my mind: happiness and satisfaction, I think this is the closest way to describe my feeling.

You cannot imagine the happiness of the Egyptians – it is really amazing.

We were so upset on Thursday after we heard the speech of Hosny Mubarak especially because most of the people were preparing themselves to celebrate his removal; instead he held a very awful speech that didn’t make any sense actually. People were so upset, but became more persistent to fight for the removal of this Dictator.

Thousands marched from Al Tahrir Square to the President’s Palace and surrounded the state TV building in order to increase the pressure on the regime and as a sign of refusal and anger towards the speech of Hosny Mubarak. During that time I remained in Tahrir Square in order not to decrease the number in the square.

Mubarak was apparently thinking that people would accept his speech and would get bored, give up hope and eventually leave the square. But the next day I saw the largest number of people ever in Al Tahrir Square, millions were there, sending a message to Hosny Mubarak and the regime: ‚We won’t give up or stop until we get our freedom!‘

On Friday at about 5.30 pm after I finished the interview with the radio station, suddenly I heard a kid yelling: ‚He has resigned!‘

You cannot imagine the scene! People were jumping, singing, and yelling: ‚Thank you, God!‘ I felt that I am dreaming or something like this – I can not describe the feeling actually.

As I was going home from Al Tahrir Square after 18 days, watching people dancing and celebrating in the streets, I remembered every moment of our revolution.

I remembered when we ran away from the regime forces and when I hided in the old woman’s apartment on Tuesday the 25th of January at 3.00 am. I remembered the Friday of anger and the moment of being shot many times in the body and the forehead.

I remembered Wednesday when the criminals attacked us with horses and camels as if we were in the middle age.

I remembered being carried after I got the stone in the back of my head.

I remembered the young man who was standing next to me and got a sniper shot in the middle of his head, getting his brain out of his skull.

And of course I remembered the moment that the young boy yelled loudly: ‚He has resigned!‘

I thank god that I was part of this all and that I lived to witness the day that I have another president than Hosny Mubarak and that I feel the happiness and satisfaction of FREEDOM.“

Ahmed Baligh from Al Tahrir Square on the 12th of February 2011

Hier findet ihr zudem noch ein Interview mit Ahmed, geführt von on3-Radio kurz vor dem Ende der Ära Mubarak.


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